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One of the newest presenters on What's Up TV Nayha has gone from the Netball SuperLeague, played Quidditich, dabbled in all things Fashion & interviewed some pretty cool people including Ella Eyre with the Hella Hair!


Nayha loves all things Fashion, Food & Music! After graduating in a Degree in Acting Nayha thought Presenting is where she needs to be!

She has a weekly show on Colors TV where she cooks amazing food with guests & eats it on camera. What a tough job for a foodie right!? 


Since the age of 6 Nayha has LOVED Music! She soon realised she was tone death and couldn’t sing so she put her passion for music into Radio! Covered shows on Kiss, Capital FM & she has a weekly show on Vibe FM where she plays her fav tunes.


As a lover of House and Deep House, you will see her at most festivals like Creamfields, SW4 & Love Box with Media Spotlight UK on YouTube & Red Carpets! 

She’s learning how to DJ... we shall see how that plans out! 😂


Obsessive of Cheese, Red Lipstick & Music! She can’t wait for all the next seasons of Whatsup TV & what journey it brings! 

After playing Quidditich nothing can surprise her! 


Ella Eyre with her hella hair chats to Nayha 

Nayha tries her hand at Quidditch!

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