One of the newest presenters on What's Up TV Nayha has gone from the Netball SuperLeague, played Quidditich, dabbled in all things Fashion & interviewed some pretty cool people including Ella Eyre with the Hella Hair!


Nayha loves all things Fashion, Food & Music! After graduating in a Degree in Acting Nayha thought Presenting is where she needs to be!

She has a weekly show on Colors TV where she cooks amazing food with guests & eats it on camera. What a tough job for a foodie right!? 


Since the age of 6 Nayha has LOVED Music! She soon realised she was tone death and couldn’t sing so she put her passion for music into Radio! Covered shows on Kiss, Capital FM & she has a weekly show on Vibe FM where she plays her fav tunes.


As a lover of House and Deep House, you will see her at most festivals like Creamfields, SW4 & Love Box with Media Spotlight UK on YouTube & Red Carpets! 

She’s learning how to DJ... we shall see how that plans out! 😂


Obsessive of Cheese, Red Lipstick & Music! She can’t wait for all the next seasons of Whatsup TV & what journey it brings! 

After playing Quidditich nothing can surprise her! 


Ella Eyre with her hella hair chats to Nayha 

Nayha tries her hand at Quidditch!

London, UK 

Sky, Grant Way, Isleworth, London

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