April 21, 2015

Looking now into the present, British Filmmaker Steve McQueen is aiming to make a movie on the story of Paul Robeson. Without surprise, McQueen has been greeted with praise and excitement. Writer Jessica Duchen explained, “McQueen, whose film 12 Years a Slave was showe...

April 21, 2015

After visiting the Reuben Library, I came across an intriguing, influential figure who contributed to British film. This individual not only contributed to the evolution of British film but to social activism. During a time of social injustice and racism, this person s...

April 14, 2015

Though Shakespeare has many plays, my all time favourite is Cymbeline. I love the entangled plots combined with a joyous ending. The play symbolizes the positive outcome of events for one who is wrong but finds conviction. In addition, it focuses on the notion that the...

April 7, 2015

When I first entered the BFI center, the Reuben Library captured my attention. I was intrigued by the information it obtained. Understanding that I could not check out any of the books I chose readings that interested me the most. I was able to narrow it down to three...

March 26, 2015

Upon the Green Field 


Sweet bliss in the air 

I lay in the vast, green field smiling ear to ear 

Because I know with him I have nothing to fear 

And today, like tomorrow I will have him near 

Near to protect, to comfort, to give strength that I may not find on my own 


March 17, 2015

He opens her eyes as she stretches her arms high 


To her nothing is more soothing than being graced by the sunrise 


So she stands and stares out the windowsill at the approaching light 


Thinking of how it represents her life 


For she knows that she is greatnes...

March 12, 2015

Directed by Andrea Arnold, the 2009 film Fish Tank blows its audience away with a twisted view on reality. This film surpasses the norms of society by entering a realm of considerable incest, parental abuse and derogatory language. Furthermore, it’s imperative to take...

February 27, 2015

As the crowd walked into the theatre room at the New Diorama on Wednesday, February 11, 2015 it was soon understood that this was not going to be a “normal” interpretation of Shakespeare’s famous Romeo and Juliet. First thing, that seemed peculiar was how the performer...

February 13, 2015

Tomorrow will be the day that “we should all love and adore.” But the question that has been raised as of late is whether or not Valentine’s Day is slowly losing its significance? Since ancient times, love was appreciated to the extreme of life and death circumstances....

February 6, 2015

Many people that wake up on the daily basis feel disappointed with the current state of their lives. The consistent routine of getting up, going to work, going to sleep and starting all over again has created the notion of what some may call limbo. Without a healthy ba...

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