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Not a BUMP in the Road

We all have foods that leave a long lasting impression in your heads for years, that still make one’s mouth water at the thought of them, but do any of you have drinks that do that? Maybe a lemon that still makes your mouth water, or a drink with an actual electric shock? Well Bump Caves is doing just this.

         Max Charter and Charlie McVeigh decided to open this new shop simply because they were bored of what they called, “Speakeasy, cocktails in tea cups and dry ice thing” and wanted to be able to inspire people the way chefs do with their foods. They were looking for excitement and found it with their new creations called, bumps.

Chater and McVeigh took the technology advancements to up their game in mixology by creating any flavor under the sun with a spirit to make what they call a bump. You want a smoky crispy bacon flavor? They can do that! These bumps are made to be paired with a beer or if you don’t like beer you can mix them into your favorite liquor. For the more adventurous types Bump Caves has actually made some signature specials that are really surprising people. If you are looking for a bitter drink, one of the most eccentric drinks they have is the, “Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test”, which is accompanied by a battery! Yes, a battery. What a shocking drink!

          When I went in I asked the bartender to surprise me with something sweet and he did just that. I was brought out the “Flip Out”, which had sweet foam covered in nutmeg that topped a Bourbon base cocktail. It was exactly what I wanted. Reminded me of the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas, Winter with a leftover taste of Autumn.

          All the drinks are different and actually a lot of them have a bit of a background story. For starters, the Amarosa, which was created off the mixologist’s girl friend. The drink is described as sweet and complicated, but a classic. If there isn’t a cocktail that interest you, no worries! They are constantly making new concoctions that are available to try so there is nothing keeping you from asking them to make a new one. What kind of drink will you challenge them to make for you?

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