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Whips, Handcuffs, and 81.6 Million Dollars

Anyone who is anybody knows that 50 shades of grey came out this past weekend. Whether you support it or hate it, the movie brought in a lot of chatter. Many people protested the movie outside theaters, and in one case a women even got taken out of the theatre in hand cuffs. To say the least it was an exciting opening weekend for the movie, in the theatres and in the banks.

I had no idea what to expect from the movie, didn’t know what it was about nor did I watch a trailer to kind of get a glimpse into an overview. So you could say I went into the film completely open minded. That being said I came out of the movie in utter shock. No one said this was a love story with a side of beating. The entire movie is full of love and submissive/ dominate sex, but at the very end it comes in with a much more brutal version of “rough sex”. This being said I can assume a lot of people who did not read the books that went to see it were in the same situation. When the lights came up at the end of the movie the entire theatre has a hushed tone of “what in the world just happened”.

Along with the shocking content the blockbuster brought in a shocking amount of 81.6 million dollars over the weekend. It has brought in more money on Valentine’s Day weekend than any other film. Beating out “Valentine’s Day’, which brought in 63.2 million dollars. Even though the money was high many people didn’t rate the movie every high. With a mix of reviews it will be interesting to see how part two of the trilogy will do when in comes out in theatres

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