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Poem of the Week: Be Inspired

He opens her eyes as she stretches her arms high

To her nothing is more soothing than being graced by the sunrise

So she stands and stares out the windowsill at the approaching light

Thinking of how it represents her life

For she knows that she is greatness in the making

And that today, like everyday, is hers for the taking

- Fatima Heyward

Attitude, perspective, and state of mind are all things that determine your level of success in life. Keep in mind that as hard as life may seem it is imperative to keep a positive outlook. If at times you need to cry then cry; if you need to scream then scream; if you need to punch a pillow then punch a pillow. But after the stress is released…move on. Life does not wait for you to get your mind together and neither does time.We are all on this earth for a short period of time, therefore, we must make the best of it.

Now, understand above all I am a realist over an idealist. Yes, we would love for life to not be comprised of failure, grief, heartache and strife, but it is at times. The real challenge is whether you will allow the negative aspects to dictate you as a person. One of my favorite quotes is by C. S. Lewis, which states, “Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny.” If you’re life isn’t a little bit hard than you’re doing something wrong. In addition, I believe that through failure and bad situations one can grow and learn. Turn your negatives into positives and wake up everyday like the girl in the poem; ready to take in what the world may throw at her while believing in herself and her future. 

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