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Popping Up in Notting Hill

   The sun was setting over the tall row houses that were all identical apart from the brightly painted doors, ranging from electric pinks to pastel blues. About a ten-minute walk from the Notting Hill tube station and I found myself outside the 20th Century theatre for a Pop Up Cinema event.

    I pulled out my phone with my ticket to show the man at the door and headed up the stairs to the open corridor that held the goodies of adults, cocktails. I grabbed my vibrant blue bucket of ice & a treat and headed into the “theatre”. Strings of lights lined the ceiling and old fabric red chairs filled the old auditorium room. I took my seat and heard a voice come over the entire room, “Welcome to Pop Up Cinema, we will be starting in about ten minutes. You have three drinks in your bucket and you can drink them when you see the cocktail appear on screen or go at it as you like. We’ve never done this before so if there are bumps the bathroom is in the front and exits are in the rear. Sit back and enjoy Anchorman.”

    A classic movie, three cocktails, and a brownie all for twenty two pounds. As an American in London this is a steal, maybe for anyone in London this is a steal. I think I’ve paid almost twenty pounds for a movie alone, so I was excited for the add-on goodies. All the drinks were themed for the movie and covered a variety of flavors for everyone to enjoy. In the anchorman bucket there was a cream based, a fruity based, and finally a scotch, or maybe whiskey based one. Due to my lack of being a fine connoisseur in alcohol I had to read the labels on the sheet to know what they all were, which were easily accessed on the opposite side of Will Farrell’s face.

    I was a bit weary to try this new adventure out, but it ended up being more than pleasurable. Seeing a classic movie with a new twist was something that I suggest for all people to try. I stood up after the movie with two realizations. One, I will never understand why everyone loves Anchorman and two; I must go to another Pop Up Cinema event, soon.

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