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Poem of the Week

Upon the Green Field

Sweet bliss in the air

I lay in the vast, green field smiling ear to ear

Because I know with him I have nothing to fear

And today, like tomorrow I will have him near

Near to protect, to comfort, to give strength that I may not find on my own

Because though we all pretend to be strong sometimes we need strength to be loaned

And as he is my heart, I am his light

We are a part of each other’s being from day to night

Coexisting in a world that screams of only loneliness

We have broken through barriers, now engulfed with pure happiness

Carving our legend on the walls of time

He and I will mark this cursed, cruel world with love that shines

And as our love shines throughout time

I will remember the days of when it first began

Simply laying in the green field, next to him

Knowing that we are blood flowing in each other’s veins

And without one another our hearts would end

By: Fatima Heyward

There are many ideas that this poem proposes. The first obvious factor is love. In today’s time, love is overlooked and replaced with cruelty, hatred and spite. This poem challenges the world we face by allowing love to overcome all evilness that exists. The two lovers, which love is narrated by the female, express rebellion against our darkened world by their everlasting, sincere love. Moreover, the beauty of this poem is that the woman hopes that without enforcing love on people change may be brought about by the love shared between her and her lover. She genuinely believes that as long as they have each other they will be fine and, in turn, may also influence the world to begin to love again.

Furthermore, the poem demonstrates age through describing the present and future. The woman begins by explaining how she feels in the green field and by the end of the poem she’s expressing how she will feel looking back to that same exact moment. The poem demonstrates repetition in its most tasteful form; not too much and not too little. The overall objective of this poem is to fill readers with a sense of hope, whether, it’s about love, and change in the world or in oneself the audience should carry on their day with a positive outlook on life. In saying that, I dare readers to rebel against the “norm” of misery and loneliness in life by instead finding love, motivating others, inspiring children, or simply discovering your purpose in life. Life is too short to live in negativity, so stay positive and spread love, happiness and inspiration.

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