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Tame Impala Announces New Album

Tame Impala announced that they will finally be releasing a new album later this year called ‘Currents’, the long awaited follow-up from ‘Lonerism’ released far back in 2012.

Much hasn’t been said about what we should expect from Kevin Parker’s latest effort but the new single ‘Cause I’m a Man’, released on the 5th of April, might give away some clues. ‘Cause I’m a Man’, an atmospheric and smoother sounding piece, it’s quite of a change from the up beat, constantly evolving, psych single ‘Apocalypse Dreams’ from their previous album.

‘Currents’ will have the hard task to stand up against the success of its predecessor that has made Tame Impala famous all around the world and took the Australian band to the most famous music festivals like Primavera Sound, Glastonbury, Coachella and many more.

Kevin Parker’s band just started a summer tour that unfortunately wont touch down in Europe, nonetheless we all hope Tame Impala will perform some new tunes from ‘Current’ to give us some clues on Parker’s new creation.

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