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Fitness (cr)apps

Fitness trackers are not a new thing, back in 1981 they were already used by athletes to monitor their heart rates, but since the early 2000's they have been developed with new technologies and in 2006 they were adapted for the public markets.

Today their market booms and most of the big high-tech companies now make their own.

It is definitely good to keep track of your health and fitness and use our flaws as a motivation to improve our well-being, but there is one aspect that hasn't been considered.

What is supposed to be the normal lifestyle, became a fashionable obsession (look at healthy eating and cycling as an example). Fitness trackers risk dragging people down into an unnecessary health-phobia that will in turn really just cause more problems than it solves.

Especially nowadays, in a fast pace world, we don't seem to have much time to care about our well-being so having a high tech gadget that does it for us is definitely not a bad idea, but the problem actually lies beneath that.

Maybe we are just pushing ourselves a bit too much, It seems like fitness trackers are just trying to convince us that, as long as you make a certain number of steps and choose stairs over lifts or escalators, it's fine to be sucked into the void of our robot-like modern lifestyle.

Still, as it is with many tech devices we have, it's all about the use we make of them. 

Fitness trackers and apps are, and should, remain only a way to monitor our lifestyle and should not be considered as our personal digital doctors.

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