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Star Wars vs Batman vs Superman

Over the weekend the long awaited 2nd trailer for the new Star Wars film and the first trailer for the ‘Batman vs Superman’ film were released. Fans of both franchises viewed these trailers in their millions. The Star Wars trailer generated 38.1 million views across multiple formats over the first 24 hours of release, with the Batman Vs Superman trailer generating 30 million in the first 24 hours. Both of these franchises could be heading in very different directions when they do release;  J.J. Abrahams’ Star Wars being the reboot of a much adored franchise with many more films and spin-offs to come in the future. While Batman Vs Superman is a potential last throw of the dice for DC comics to world build. Hoping to build a world similar to that of Marvel and the Avengers, whose blockbuster films consistently make a big profit.  After multiple failed attempts to make Superman as popular on the big screen as the likes of Batman, D.C comics are hoping that it’ll be 2nd time lucky for Zach Snyder at the helm of the Superman franchise.  

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