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Nepal Earthquake

On Saturday a devastating earthquake struck the Himalayan country of Nepal it even affected neighboring countries China and India. The earthquake was a devastating 7.8 out of 10 on the Richter scale, leaving some villages completely torn apart. The Nepal health and rescue services have been stretched to their limit so help from Indian has been crucial in order to save as many people as they can.

Police reports have told us that the death toll has rose to at least 3,617 but is likely to be a lot higher as this does not include the 100s of secluded villages in Nepal. More then 6,500 people have been injured according to the N.E.O.C., Dozens of people have also been killed in the north of India near to the Nepal border and even in the Chinese state of Tibet. The Earthquake also caused deadly avalanches on Mount Everest leaving more then 200 climbers stranded but they have fortunately now been rescued.

In the aftermath vast tent cities have been set up in the capital of Nepal for the thousands of people who’s homes have been destroyed, or are still being affected by the after shocks. This earthquake has left Nepal devastated as it is a country mainly relies on tourist attraction for its income is not well equipped to deal with earthquakes this powerful. This earthquake was also the most powerful the country had seen in more then 80 years.

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