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American Apparel Is No More

American Apparel is a store that sells basic fashion for outrageous prices, it’s no wonder why they filed for bankruptcy this week.  The stocks were selling for just 11 cents (£0.07) last week, and have been selling for under $1 (£0.66) for the past year.  Where will girls get their Easy Jeans and bodysuits?  American Apparel is the go to place for basic fashion, but I think they are most known for their controversial adds, more specially their banned adds.  Some of their banned adds gained media attention for nudity, see through clothes and copyrighted images.  The brand can mostly be found in the closets of twenty-somethings all around.  If you don’t have something from America Apparel in your closets, you are doing something wrong, or would it be right now?  Bankruptcy is no joke.  The once sought after place to find the perfect 90s inspired outfit’s doors are soon to be shutdown for good.  

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