Dear Jesus Season 4 Premiere

26 year old, London born, writer, director, producer and creator of Screen Nation Digital Award nominated web series Dear Jesus. Danielle A Scott - Haughton based at WONDERLONDON FILMS a small British production company, debuted season 4 of her online series in London’s Prince Charles Theatre last night (1st October 2015)

Since its 2012 debut it has come a long way, season four is soon to hit computer screens with new cast members, new storylines and the aftermath of season 3’s final explosive episode. Having just made their first appearance in Atlanta Georgia (USA) on 20th September 2015 for the premiere, due to half their subscribers being from across the pond, it’s safe to say they are getting recognised more and more.

Last night was an amazing night for the cast and crew of Dear Jesus, the response and turnout they received was astounding, the venue sold out almost instantly having others waiting on a reserved list. Even one dedicated fan travelled from Birmingham UK to show support at the event and he made it known to the cast, crew and audience by exclaiming “I would just like to say big well done to the whole cast, I have been watching you grow from season 1 and you guys are absolutely amazing, I have come all the way from Birmingham to support you”.

The premiere showcased season 4’s most precious, scandalous and juiciest moments to come. Although we got an exclusive screening there is still so much more to come and I look forward to the online release on the 25th October, be sure to catch the sister show 'The Alexis Show'.

In the first season of the hit drama, we saw Mercedes lose her job, her best friend and boyfriend all in one day, forcing her to move home and work at her family’s Jamaican take-away, Cool Breeze. Three seasons on and Mercedes is knee deep in the same trouble as she always is, with every episode beginning in the same desperate way – “Dear Jesus!”

Following her return from New York, after her dramatic departure at the end of season 3, Mercedes realises very quickly nothing is as she left it. With the whole crew back, and some new faces joining them, together they learn the past has a way of catching up with you; no matter how far you run.                        

Taken from Dear Jesus press release

Guys, if you have not tuned in to this show, I highly recommend you get involved, find them on YouTube, Instagram and Twitter “DearJesusTV”.

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