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Miss Saigon in the House

This weekend, I was dragged to see a musical that I thought I’d have no interest in.  Miss Saigon is a musical about The Vietnam War and the aftermath revolving around an American soldier and a Vietnamese prostitute.  Sounds exciting doesn’t it? 

After arriving at The Prince Edward Theatre with a couple minutes to spare, we sat down in some amazing seats and waited for the show to start.  The opening scene was incredible, not what I was expecting at all, the music was lively it was very upbeat and fun.  For two and a half hours I went through a roller coaster of emotions, crying, laughing, jaw-dropping, you name it.  I do not want to give away anything, but if you choose to see this show, you will not see the twist (or twists) coming.  Actually, there are two parts where my jaw actually hit the floor.  When you see them you will know.

The role of Kim is played by Eva Noblezada, who was cast in the role at just 18 years old.  She is American from North Carolina.  Her performance was truly stunning and believable.  Some other memorable characters are The Engineer played by Jon Jon Briones, who provides some much needed comic relief in a very dark show.  

  It was well worth the £25!

The last performance of Miss Saigon is February 27, 2016. 

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