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Exotic Pet Refuge

The Exotic Pet Refuge is a charity centre in Peterborough that takes in abandoned, abused and rescued animals that can’t find a home and have a variety of over 300 inhabitants from mammals and birds to reptiles and primates. The Exotic Pet Refuge was founded by Pam Mansfield and manages the refuge with the help of her husband Mel and son Darren.

The refuge costs over £65,000 a year to run and relies on donations to fund and also heavily relies on volunteers for staff as Pam has devoted all of her time taking care of the animals and cannot. The refuge takes donations in various ways such as sponsoring an animal yearly, booking the refuge for parties or even becoming a keeper for a day. Another way the refuge raise money is open days where members of the public can come and visit with the entry fee being £6 for adults and £3 for children (Cash Only) which is used to fund it. But the Refuge can only have up to six open days a year and in total raise around £20,000 a year from them. One of those open days just happens to be this Sunday on the 18th of October, so why not go and help the Exotic Pet Refuge stay and keep their animals sheltered.

For more information on the Exotic Pet Refuge and its location visit their website at 

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