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Drake Releases Hotline Bling Video on Apple Music

On October 19, Drake finally released the video for his hit song Hotline Bling.  The video looks like any other rap video out there; simple background, the artist, and a couple of dancers.  The only questionable part of the video would be Drake’s dancing.  It did not take long for the internet to start an outrage over the way the Canadian rapper was moving to the beat of his song, or in this case other songs as well.  His dancing is awkward and does not seem to go along with the song, but it somehow does.  Drake can do no wrong when it comes to his music.  Hours after the video was released, there were countless memes of Drake after the video appeared on Apple Music.  Look no further than Twitter, and Vine to poke fun at the questionable dancing in Hotline Bling.  

Here’s what the internet had to say:

There are countless Vines and Instagrams poking fun at the video, check this one out:

The full video is available on Apple Music.

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