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A Teacup for Everyone this Christmas

Can you believe that there is only 23 days until Christmas? 2015 has flown by, here is a list of gifts for everyone.

For your BFF:

We all know that this could be a difficult one, you would think that you’d know exactly what your partner in crime would want, but this is always the most difficult for me. I tend to get a personalized gift such as this mug from Anthropologie. For only £8.00 you can get this and fill it with their favorite tea or candy or maybe even beauty products. For an estimated total of £15.00. You can make your BFF happy with this smart little gift.

For your office secret santa:

Oh no, you drew your boss in secret santa. What to get the person you barely know who you only smile at when you pass them in the hallway? This can go two ways. If you don't know your boss too well and don't want to chance giving them an inappropriate gift, go for this one available on Etsy. For £10.00 your boss will hopefully laugh at this glorious gift.

For your selfie obsessed friend:

How perfect, they will be sure to love posting a Christmas selfie with this teacup. Not only will they think it is funny, you’ll also get a kick out of it. Who wouldn't want this honestly? It is equally funny and appropriate for the selfie obsessed world we live in.

This one is available at Not on the High Street for £11.95.

For the “not a morning person” friend:

We all have the one friend who is definitely not a morning person. They freak when you want to hangout before noon on any day. And if it’s an early wake up call, you better not speak to them until they’ve had their coffee! This is available on Etsy for £8.86.

For the pop culture obsessed friend:

They know all the news of the entertainment world before anyone else, and they're obsessed with pop culture phenomenons like this one. They can enjoy Jimmy Fallon drinking out of a mug with Justin Timberlake drinking out of a mug with Jimmy Fallon on it. It’s available on Etsy for £8.86. They’ll most likely send Jimmy and Justin a pic of them drinking out of this teacup.

For the overachiever:

We all have that one friend who is wildly ambitious. The one who always had their papers done weeks in advance. This friend can be especially hard to shop for. Don’t worry they’ll love this teacup from Etsy for £8.86 that truly speaks to them.

And finally, for the friend who can’t even:

Chances are you have one friend who literally can’t even. Which means they just can’t deal with what is going on. They are up to date on the latest trends and hot topics. They love to tell you all the gossip. They can’t even deal with this teacup from Etsy for £8.86.

This holiday should not break the bank, and you’ll be sure to impress your friends with these teacups all for less than £15.00!

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