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Yahoo hit in the worst hack ever, 500 million accounts swiped. The Internet company being bought by Verizon, says a state- sponsored actor stole account holder’s personal details. It has been advised that Yahoo users should change their passwords now.

The UK has the most public surveillance cameras monitoring us in the world, and it is likely that hackers are going to continue to get away with it. The public are not doing more to ask the government to stop and give us back our privacy and it’s not just with this issue, we collectively as humans do not stick up for our rights enough. Which exactly makes us question if we do not do enough to demand for more transparency and less surveillance, we will continue to find out about such hacking scandals many years too late, like in this instance, the public only found out two years later.

The internet giant has marked this incident as the biggest data breach in History. The hack took place in 2014, revealed names, email, addresses, phone numbers, birth dates and, in some cases, security questions and answers. It has not yet been identified who has hacked Yahoo but Verizon, has said they are working close with law enforcement. It called the hackers a “state-sponsored actor,” though it didn’t identify the country behind the breach.

"When a company has allowed their customers' data to fall into the hands of criminals, the resulting lack of trust is difficult to repair," CEO Ebba Blitz said in a statement. On August 1, a hacker named "Peace" claimed to have breached 200 million Yahoo usernames and passwords from a hack in 2012, and offered to sell them on the dark web after trying to do the same with MySpace and LinkedIn accounts.

Yahoo is working with law enforcement to learn more about the breach. "The FBI is aware of the intrusion and investigating the matter," an FBI spokesperson said. "We take these types of breaches very seriously and will determine how this occurred and who is responsible. We will continue to work with the private sector and share information so they can safeguard their systems against the actions of persistent cyber criminals."

Will we ever stop being surveilled?

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