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Slapped For Shorts

In the Metro today a member of the team said she saw an article that was pretty brief when explaining the situation but the main body of the information that was present spoke about a nurse being attacked in turkey, for wearing shorts. After doing more research about the topic this is what I have found.

A young woman was allegedly verbally and physically assaulted on a public bus in Turkey, with reports claiming it could be because she was wearing shorts. The attack took place on the first day of the Eid al-Adha holiday in the Maslak neighbourhood of Istanbul. It left Ayşegül Terzi, a 23-year-old nurse, with severe facial bruising. According to Turkish media the man is apparently shouting: “those who wear shorts must die!” The man then allegedly started to attack the woman, kicking her in the face while apparently screaming, “you are a devil!” The attack took place on Sept 12th, the first day of Eid al-Adha. The victim goes on to say that she didn’t feel like her shorts were a good enough reason for the attack. The shorts weren’t tight and were not even short. The victims attacker was around 35 years old, with some beard and slightly bald, wearing a T-shirt with “18” printed on the back.

The opinions on the subject were mixed; some thoughts people should respect the religion and culture of the country by not wear revealing clothes. Another opinion that came out was that people should be able to wear what they want. Since then a vast amount of protests have taken place. The question on everyone’s lips is should other countries get involved, should all women untie and fight to have strong policies put in place to stop hate crime like this occurring again.

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