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Can Police Cams Be A Scam

Since 2014 Police have started to wear cameras during arrests in the UK. The cameras are intended to be of benefit to the public by capturing footage of any inappropriate force or any offences committed to the public during arrests. This has resulted in police complaints falling to 93% in the UK. With all that said and done we also ask the question, can the police edit the footage taken?, is it possible they can switch the camera off when suited as they are the ones with the responsibility to film the footage and also dispose of certain footage?

In the US, in Kansas they also use cameras during any arrest. A young boy of 17 years of age was tasered by a police officer in the US who pulled him over due to an apparent warrant attached to the licence. The police officer tasered him for so long he now has permanent brain damage. So, we ask the question. Even though these cameras are present during arrest will certain police officers still harm the public in some way?. Is it too easy for the police to edit or dispose of footage since they are the ones who have full possession of the cameras? Are we living in an age of the people we once saw as are heroes are now enemies?

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