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Is the Education System outdated

I think the education system needs a lot of improvement – they need to teach more young people practical life skills rather than just giving them the institutionalised education within the system. Kids should really be taught relevant life skills like financial awareness and money management - things you’re not taught in school, but become hugely important parts of adult life.​

There is a lot that can be critiqued of an education system that requires to think or behave in a certain way, and in which, if you don’t – society doesn’t class you as smart. In many ways, within the school the tests that are given are like “telling a fish to jump, knowing that it can’t”. Inadvertently taking away a child’s creative aspects or their aspirations in life, moulding different children to fit a model of the uniform student in order to justify the government’s current stance on education.​

There is a picture on the internet of children with individually shaped thought bubbles, and the teacher that was teaching was cutting them all down to square. Being told: you need to think per status; you need to have a 9-to-5 job, and nothing more. In the 70s there was supposedly programs in place for children who weren’t necessarily so book smart to be able to learn more vocational topics. In Iceland for instance children from the age of about 10-13yo are separated into different specialist schools based on their abilities, like people might go into an art focused school or a mechanical focused school.

Even when people continue with the education system to a higher level, they can still come out a couple years later with their degrees and still struggle to find employment. Some may not necessarily be able to get a job in cafe, whereas someone who didn’t go to university could do so because they have had the experience.

There is too much rigidity in the education system, so people might take artistic based subject – and strictly have to conform to a course requirement on what “art” must be.

Apparently, there is no room for expression in education.

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