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Have diversity schemes segregated applicants within the TV industry?

The BAME has created an opportunity for people of ethnic minority to achieve work placements in higher education or within the workplace. We can all say that this is indeed needed and thankful that British, Black, Asian and other ethnic minorities have a good chance of getting somewhere, especially after seeing talent rise through YouTube via SBTV, World Star Hip Hop just to name a couple. However, while we are trying to make society as ‘equal’ as possible the nationals  looking for work within the media industry seems to be facing a problem. They cannot seem to get as many callbacks as someone of an ethnic minority these days. So as BAME is trying to do the best they can to avert racism, it seems to have had an opposite effect. Is it fair to employ someone just because of they way they look? all down to making their company look better in terms of diversity. Is it safe to say that in order to do a good deed we are actually continuing the same problem we are trying to solve through good intention? Is it fair for people who do not fall under the BAME category to be overlooked.   

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