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Wars in the name of God?

A Question people have been asking for many years is “Why have there been so many wars in the name of God?” This immediately sparks conversation within a group and everyone wants to voice their opinion. People have different views on this topic but looking deeper everyone agrees that most violence stems from people manipulating their religion with their own personal emotions. When you look at previous wars in history this was generally not the case, Ancient wars were mostly due to people fighting for territory, trade and border controls.

Bringing it back to the present, most modern wars are considered to be religious based, but this mat not be the right way to view things because by blaming religion are you also blaming the innocent people who were caught in the crossfire? Religion will probably be the cause of many more wars but when one minority of a religious group commit an act of terror we need to react fast but also view these as a small insane minority.

The media does a poor job of portraying the actual cause of wars around the world, there are many blurred lines and the important information is usually brushed under the carpet. Wars are way to often described as being ignited due to being ethnic in origin without any facts. Its hard to determine the actual causes but politics and economic differences can often play a part.

This discussion can leave us all thinking what is the solution? One day could we all believe in one religion or could religion be abolished completely? But then again would a world without religion be a better world or would it be more full of sin and unkindness?

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