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A few words on inspiration...

Being inspired doesn't come from booking a ticket half way around the world.

People like myself, take inspiration from the gift of being alive.

Everything you see, the little noises that chime and echo, the smell of nostalgia and the feel of freedom are just a few things that should be appreciated but are taken for granted.

Regardless of your aims and aspirations in life, take in your surroundings and let the people in your life advise you.

There's nothing like experiencing something that you find negative or positive and unconsciously letting it alter your actions.

Don't let this mean that your actions aren't yours, just know that the world and society played a part in your decisions.

I once heard 'I don't leave the house with my door wide open so why should I walk around with an open mind'.

Although there is logic here, one must understand that without openness, there is no discovery, there is no element of surprise, there is no adventure.

Destiny lives through faith and being open minded.

Dreams are achievable if you have something to believe in, as well as yourself; keeping your mind open presents opportunities beyond comprehension.

There's a danger life called risks but you never know where you'll end up if you don't take them.

Being inspired doesn't come from living on the edge of the world, free from wifi, technology and updates.

People like myself, take inspiration from the gift of living life.

People like myself, aspire to be inspired so we can inspire.

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