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8 simple reasons why music is amazing.

With festivals galore this summer - Tia wanted to highlight eight reasons that she feels makes music amazing.

Music plays an important role in the socialization of children and adults. It provides entertainment and can be used as a distraction from problems or even used as a form of therapy. It can help you to relive stress and concentrate. Music is amazing because there are different genres which gives you the freedom to always rediscover and explore a new sound. Music is here to stay and will be enjoyed forever by many.

  1. It is a universal language. Every country has its own language but there is one we can all understand, and it is music. When music is played it doesn’t matter the language if you enjoy it and it gives you a feeling.

  2. Music brings people together. Whether it is a concert, a music festival or a night club. People from all over the world can come together to enjoy the music being played.

  3. It is a form of communication. Some people struggle to say the right words or may find it difficult to express exactly how they feel. However, someone could hear a song for the first time, write one or even hear a song they have not heard since they were a child and use that to communicate with others.

  4. Music is timeless. A song you loved when you were 6 can still be played when you are 20! A song or album could still have relevant messages like it did when it was first released.

  5. Music creates ambiance. It adds to the experience of what you are doing or where you are. Can you imagine a party without music or a big sports event? It would not be the same.

  6. Music is great for the memory. Music can help take you back to a time and place or a feeling. Hearing a song can trigger something you forgot. It can also make you realise you never forgot the lyrics!

  7. You can use anything to create music. It is a form of art that can be executed however you please. You can use your hands, your feet, your voice. Cooking utensils. If there is a rhythm, then music is constantly being created and recreated.

  8. Listening to too much music is not a thing! With most things in life, doing too much of one thing can become bad for you physically, mentally and could cause health complications. But listening to too much music is good for your health and does not have to be listened to in moderation. Listen to music every day, discover new music whenever you can, and I promise you won’t have to see a doctor.

Think of your favourite song and how it makes you feel when you hear it. Share it today with someone you appreciate.

A gift from me to you:

My favourite song: Calvin Harris – Slide ft Frank Ocean & Migos.

Three words to describe this song: Summer, bliss & carefree.

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