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Coping Under Pressure at Work 101

You have just landed a job in TV, which is one of the most intense and fast-paced industries around. I can assure you; it will definitely be stressful with deadlines coming your way thick and fast.

The term “stress” often has negative connotations associated with it, when in fact, experiencing a level of pressure is important when it comes to performance at work.

According to the inverted-U model, if you experience low amounts of pressure or an immense amount of pressure, this will result in poor performance. A lack of pressure can lead to being bored and putting in minimal effort into tasks; whereas too much pressure leads to feeling highly stressed, anxious, unhappy and incredibly overwhelmed, leading to a downward spiral.

As a result of this, it is important to utilise the pressures of work to your advantage in order to perform as best as you can. Below are some top tips that you can implement for yourselves, to stay blessed while stressed.

  1. Composure is Key

No matter how up in arms you are about the amount of work you have to do (which is guaranteed to be a lot), it is imperative that you keep your cool. If you feel like you are going to tip over the edge, go and take a quick breather in a quiet area where you can collect your thoughts. This gives you a chance to reset and be ready to attack your never-ending list of things to do. Buy a planner so you can note down all the tasks you need to fulfil for the day as well as deadlines, so that you won’t miss a trick and have less things to keep track of in your head.

  1. Expect the Unexpected…Always

Disclaimer: Things don’t always go the way you’ve intended them to. Whether it be plans that have fallen through setting you back a few paces, or a task that has been set with last minute deadline, the best way to combat these things is to forecast its arrival. Not necessarily in a pessimistic sense, but being aware of the possibility that something may throw you off course can do you a whole world of good. By covering all your bases ahead of time, not only are you being super-organised, but you are also able to pick yourself up much quicker as you have back-up plans already on stand-by.

The simple act of leaving home for work earlier for example, adds a buffer time for you in case of any problems en route. It also saves you a whole lot of stress and money (sorry, not today Uber).

  1. Eat well, drink well

With the fast pace of the office and on set, you cannot afford to run on an empty tank. Making time for breakfast and lunch is essential in this industry as some days you will have to work long hours. Ensuring that you have a balanced diet, healthy snacks such as fruit and cereal bars and plenty of water as well as the odd tea can set you up for the day.

  1. Look out for your team

With tensions rising high in the office or on set, it is inevitable for everyone to feel on edge. Doing small things to lift the mood such as offering a smile, words of encouragement or even seeing if there is any way you can help goes a long way.

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